Comprehensive Obstetric Care in NYC with Drs. Mussalli & Worth - Village Obstetrics (VOb)


Meet & Greet First

Your comprehensive care with Village Obstetrics starts with a no-charge meet and greet appointment.

This is a conversation all about you and all about us. Our experienced team of obstetricians is dedicated to ensuring the health and well-being of both mother and baby throughout pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum. By scheduling a consultation with us before your care starts, you can get to know our team and develop a strong, trusting bond that will help you feel confident and comfortable throughout your journey. We can always fit you in within a week.

Birth coaching session at Village Obstetrics - receiving support and guidance during labor

Comprehensive Initial Exam

At your first medical visit we take an extremely detailed history.

  • We ask about your hopes and dreams and fears.
  • We study your physical health and any current or potential complications.
  • We review all outside records in detail.
Meet Drs. Mussalli and Worth, founders of Village Obstetrics

Open Door Policy

If you need us, we will always make time for you on the schedule.

We reserve time for emergency visits every day. Regular visits are monthly, in the beginning, accelerating to every two weeks in the middle, and weekly at the end. We see you a lot! We know everything about you.

Prenatal yoga for a healthy pregnancy - Village Obstetrics referrals

Birth Coaching

Our connections with pediatricians, childbirth educators, yoga teachers, doulas, and lactation experts help guide you through the topics you need.

  • Who is your pediatrician? Will you want an epidural? How will you know when labor starts? Do you want or need to be induced? Do you hope your birth is vaginal or cesarean? We have lots to say on all these topics and more for your obstetric care in NYC.
Dr. Worth and Dr. Mussalli performing a version for breech baby at Village Obstetrics NYC

Doctor with You in Labor

When you are admitted to Mount Sinai, either Dr. Worth or Dr. Mussalli will meet you shortly after you arrive.

It is our approach to stay with you the whole time you are there. You will be delivered by either Drs. Worth or Mussalli for sure.

Between Birth Coaching & Frequent Visits, We Get Great Results.

Our cesarean rate is low, and VBAC success high. Nearly all our patients do skin-to-skin immediately. We barely ever use episiotomies. Almost all our patients can initiate breastfeeding in the first 30 minutes.

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