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“Regulars” at Your Practice

Dr. Worth & Dr. Mussalli, Lourdes & Leanne,

As official “regulars” at your pregnancy practice, we just wanted to show our appreciation for the great work you’ve done over the years.

We don’t like to talk about it much, but losing our first child at 22 weeks in 2012 was one of the tougher things we’ve ever had to deal with. Our doctor at the time more or less left us to the wind. By the grace of God and some sound recommendations, we ended up at Mt. Sinai on that difficult Friday night. We remember meeting Dr. Worth that evening when she stepped in to check on us.

We were full of nerves and questions that seemingly had no answers. So it felt natural when we became pregnant in early 2013 to come to your practice. The rest is, as they say, history.  A bunch of early labor trips to the hospital, a handful of cerclages, and 5 natural deliveries later you have helped give us a healthy family that we cherish to no end.

Every ounce of your practice is meaningful to us. Your manner is always polite and confident. Both you and the staff are awesome. We can’t count how many off-hours nervous calls & emails we’ve sent your way. But we knew we could count on you to get right back to us EVERY time. Thank you for everything you all are: patient, generous, skilled, diligent, and more.

The C family.


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