Two thank you letters expressing gratitude to Village Obstetrics doctors for pregnancy care and delivery
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Village Obstetrics

Communicate with Empathy & Patience

Thank you! You were a warm hello or smile everytime I saw you in the office. It takes a unique soul to be able to share love and warmth in a moment. There are no other words that can express how I feel. I would recommend Village Obstetrics to everyone who is bringing life into this world. You know how to communicate with compassion. You know how to lighten the mood when I didn’t feel good (which was all the time). You know how to give me peace when my mind is racing. Of course, all your experience was a huge plus. We are grateful beyond words. When you visit us in the hospital — OMG! You don’t understand how much that means to us! Thank you mostly for your ability to communicate with empathy and patience.

Love, B, G, A, and Baby A