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Redemptive Birth Experience

Dear Dr. Mussalli,

Thank you doesn’t seem enough to cover the immense gratitude I feel. You made it possible for me to have a safe and redemptive birth experience. Not only that, but your caring, thoughtful, and well-placed good humor made the entire process fun. The care you provided during H’s birth made me feel both supported and empowered. Thank you! I only wish everyone could be a Village patient!

Dear Dr. Worth, 

Thank you for providing such wonderful care throughout my pregnancy and postpartum visits. From the very first appointment, you listened to all my concerns and took the time to thoroughly discuss best options. As a “data junkie“ myself, your willingness to explain everything was so appreciated. Thank you for helping me have such a redemptive and amazing experience. It means the world to me!

Dear Leanne,

Thank you for being such a bright light and warm smile at every appointment! You made my experience at the office and during every phone call a great one. You helped clarify vital information regarding when to show up for my induction!  Thank you again so much!

Dear Lourdes,

Thank you so much for the incredible care you provided throughout my pregnancy. Your smile, precision with needles, and relaxing stories about your boys and parenting always made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I hope you have an amazing summer. And maybe I’ll see you again in the future!

Best, K



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