At Village Obstetrics
we are whole-hearted fans of doulas.

Dr Worth considers doulas to be a gift from heaven for any labor, an infusion of positive energy and caring. In our view they are an essential component of the team, especially for a first labor or a VBAC labor. A common concern is that the doula will take away from the husband/partner role. It’s just the opposite. The doula enhances that role. The doula shows you expert techniques to manage pain and challenge. Your husband/partner nurtures you and helps keep you natural oxytocin flowing through tenderness and love.

A doula is like a personal trainer or coach.

She is an expert who helps your doctor help you get as far as you possibly can in your labor using your own strength and power. For anyone who has been to Soul Cycle of seen the YouTube videos think of the doula as the Soul Cycle instructor. She will help you find your inner strength to climb the hard mountain that is your labor with this child.