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Financial Q&A

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Having a baby is for many of us the single most important and memorable experience in our lives. Our passion at Village Obstetrics™ is to help make the journey to motherhood (and fatherhood!) safe and happy.

Having a baby certainly is expensive, but we have worked hard at Village Obstetrics™ to find ways to make it affordable. Here are some financial questions and answers for your review:

What type of insurance plans does your practice accept?

Village Ob accepts most insurances, however, we do not participate with any of the insurances and accept it out of network. Out of network means that we apply what your insurance pays towards the cost of your care and bill you for the difference.

How much does care at VOb cost?

We have created three all-inclusive fees in response to patient feedback for a simpler way be able to know what to expect financially. Your pregnancy will fit into one of these three fees. We realize that every person’s financial situation is different. For this reason we have worked hard to provide a variety of payment options to help you receive the obstetric care you need and want with respect to your budget. Our office accepts Checks, Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and CareCredit®. CareCredit® is a service offered by Synchrony Bank that currently offers low or no interest monthly payment plans. As mentioned above, our office is considered an out of network provider. As a courtesy, we will file your claims to your insurance.

What are the three fee categories?

One fee is for general prenatal care and delivery. A second fee is for complex prenatal care and delivery. A third fee is for vaginal deliveries that require the largest investment of our time and skill.

What is considered complex prenatal care and delivery?

Pregnancies with maternal medical complications like high blood pressure, diabetes, or pregnancy conditions like preterm labor, or insufficient cervix, etc.

Are there other costs?

Depending on the type of your pregnancy, there may be additional charges for procedures that will be discussed in office. Other costs may be for any care outside of Village Obstetrics. This might include sonograms, labs and hospital charges, but most of these are covered based on your in-network benefits.

How exactly will I be billed?

When you decide to become our patient, you will sign a contract for care which includes fee schedule your pregnancy falls into. You will also have an estimate of your total costs after insurance and pay.

Can I pay the VOb bill over time?

Yes. There are various payment plans available to your financial needs within your global maternity care.

Why should I pay for VOb when I can see a doctor on my plan without additional costs?

We are really proud of the intimate care and attention we give all our patients. We are really proud of our results. Our patients overall are thrilled with their care. We know VOb might be expensive but unfortunately it is costly to run the office the way we do. We feel strongly that the expense is worth the quality of the expert care you will get or we wouldn’t do it this way. We really love this work and have dedicated our lives to doing it with excellence, kindness and imagination.

Who should I call with additional financial questions?

For any unique circumstances please discuss with our Billing Manager listed under Staff.

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