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Dear Dr. Mussalli and Dr. Worth,  

I wanted to write a quick note to communicate my appreciation for your excellent care and the relationship that we cultivated over the past 10 weeks. As you know, I struggled through much of this pregnancy, thinking about the mode of delivery–what would be safest and ensure the best recovery to care for two babies (well) under two.  

From the first time I met you for an in-office consultation, I felt a huge sense of relief about working with you–that I could trust you as partners in the decision-making and process of labor and delivery. Through a challenging third trimester, I really appreciated your responsiveness and open communication. And I am so grateful for your expertise in S’s delivery–your calm patience, your careful navigation of the hospital system, and your hands-on skill in assisting a safe vaginal delivery.  

I realize that there is a whole lot of luck that factors into the equation of every birth, but I think that by partnering with you, I definitely nudged that luck along!   I also wanted to share a special thank you to Leanne and Lourdes whose warmth and care were so welcome during my frequent visits over these last few months. Please let me know if I can ever be helpful as a reference.  

Warm regards and many thanks,   V.


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