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Set the Bar Very High

Dear Dr. Worth, Dr. Mussalli, Leanne, Lourdes and Efrat,
It has been four months since you helped us bring baby into this world in January. Words cannot describe how grateful we are for your kindness, warmth, patience, and support throughout our pregnancy and especially during our 36 hour labor! Thank you Leanne, Lourdes and Efrat, for always greeting us with a warm smile. From the moment we first walked into your offices, we knew we had made the right decision at 28 weeks into my pregnancy to switch to your practice. You have certainly set the bar very high for the type of experience we expect from all of our doctors, and we can’t wait to have baby #2 just to be able to go through the whole experience with you again!
Here are a couple of recent pictures of our little man 🙂
Warmest Regards,
K, A
P.S. Our very good friend is trying to get pregnant and once she is, you should expect a call from her!