st. vincent’s offers labor pools on trial basis

st. vincent’s offers labor pools on trial basis

    We have very exciting news. As part of developing a comprehensive platform of comfort and support measures we are so pleased to announce that St Vincent’s now offers labor pools on a limited basis.

    Birthing rooms #4 and #5 currently can accomodate the pool. The pools are available only for labor pain relief and NOT for underwater birth. Certain other situations might also prevent you from being able to use the pools.

    The pool provides a highly effective relaxation measure to assist those interested in having an unmedicated labor.

    Here are preliminary guidelines:

    We cannot guarantee that the birthing rooms 4 or 5 will be available. They may be in use by other patients when you are in labor.

    We require that patients hire a doula who is able to setup and take down the pool.

    Please bring large towels or a bathrobe for your warmth and comfort.

    The following three steps need to be done at the Village Obstetrics office in advance:

    1) A $100 fee is to be paid by check to cover the cost of using the pool, pool set-up and take down equipment as well as the disposable tub liner. Please call Leanne for details — 212 627 9556. If you end up not having the tub set-up we will provide you with an immediate and full refund.

    2) We ask that you sign a statement that you understand the following: A) underwater birth is not permitted, B) you will follow our intermittent monitoring guidelines of 30 minutes on monitor following any 30 minute maximum unmonitored period, C) you will exit the pool if your nurse, doctor or midwife feels that increased monitoring or other measures are needed, D) only one other person is allowed in pool with you and that person must wear bathing suit.

    We are so excited to offer pools and hope they help you achieve a birth you will never forget. We look forward to expanding the availability of the pools as well as other innovative programs as St. Vincent’s transforms into the premier birthing center in New York.

    Dr. George Mussalli & Dr. Jaqueline Worth
    Village Obstetrics
    St. Vincent’s Hospital, New York City


    • Aug 19 2009
    sounds great, but hiring a doula is expensive, and it seems silly to hire one just to be able to use the pool. Is there some way around this?
    Lily White
    • Sep 2 2009
    Yay! This is so exciting! Thank you for working with the insurance company so that the hospital can provide this for us!
    • Sep 23 2009
    Oh that's really good. I was hoping to have the opportunity to relax in a pool! ;]