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Thank You for Always Being a Phone Call or Email Away

Dr. Worth & Dr. Mussalli,

I wish we could put into words our gratitude for all you have done for us. You kept both of our boys and their mom safe and healthy during both pregnancies. We knew during our very first visit back in 2016 that we were in the absolute best hands possible — and you demonstrated that over and over with both pregnancies. Thank you so much.

Thank you for always being a phone call or email away. Thank you for listening to each and every concern of ours as though it was the first time you had heard it. Thank you for paying such close attention to my blood pressure and reassuring us every step of the way when we feared a return of preeclampsia. And, so importantly, thank you for all you did, and continue to do, for all your patience during the Covid crisis.

We know you do this each and every day and night so the following may not seem that meaningful to you but here are just a few special moments that we will remember:

Dr. W – the moment you took to say a quick prayer that all was OK before our first ultrasound with Jude

Dr. M – how you met us with a smile and patted us each on the shoulder as we walked into the OR in May, reassuring us, yet again, that all would be well (and of course the sonogram of Jude with a mask that you drew!!)

When you both visited our hospital room the night after Craig was born and you gave us the advice “make sure you support each other!“

Thank you so much!
Sincerely, L, G, Craig & Jude

Village Ob Thank you letter


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