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Dr. Worth: An Island of Calm

Hello Doctors Worth and Mussalli,  

I apologize that this thank you email is so late – 14 months to be precise!   We just wanted to thank you for the outstanding care we received throughout my pregnancy and delivery of our baby boy.  We returned to your practice both because of the great prenatal care for our daughter and the outstanding delivery of our daughter four years ago by Dr. Worth. Truly, Dr. Worth was an island of calm.   We were so glad that we did return (not that there was any question we would!). You were so reassuring and never treated me like my worries were silly or a waste of time. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that since I know I had a lot of worries! Dr. Mussali’s cerclage kept our baby boy nice and safe throughout. And I love the funny conversations between Dr. Mussalli and my husband!  And once again, when it was delivery time, Dr. Worth was an ace again, calmly reassuring me that this time, everything was just fine. And it was, thankfully.

  We are happy to report that both kids are doing great. He is climbing on everything and she is a great big sister.  There is no greater gift that you could have given us than the outstanding medical care we received combined with the two kindest doctors we know.  We can never thank you enough.  

    Wishing you all the best,   K and A


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