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The Right Decision

Dear Village OB,

Thank you for the fantastic prenatal care, for both of your presences and incredibly conscientious work to deliver Baby, and for checking on me with such kindness postpartum. I feel like you two so calmly managed B’s delivery through what (I feel) was a tough and longish labor, that he came out calm and strong. Thank you for practicing the way that you do. During pregnancy I got a lot of expectant questions about delivering with OBs, in a hospital setting: did I trust my doctors? (Uh, YES, hopefully everyone can) Why didn’t I go with midwives? (Found VOB first.) Was I going to go with/without drugs? (Who knows the answer to that?) I knew all along we had made the right decision to come to your practice and the end result, this delicious beautiful soft little boy who came out the old-fashioned way, to a loving family, and in particular to a mama who already feels 90% recovered (2 weeks later!!), is solid proof. Thank you thank you thank you and our best to Lourdes, Leanne, Efrat, Sara, and Anna.


M, J, the “Boo”, and Moose the dog


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