there’s music on thompson street

    New York is rainy, 3:00am,
    Everyone’s sleeps and

    There’s music on Thompson Street…

    Drs.Worth & Mussali

    Good evening;

    Forrest Ryder is a good little boy.
    Eats up to 15 times/day, sleeps in my babybjorn up to three hours, at times.
    Smiles away whilst looking at us.
    He brings feelings in me that I wasn’t -fully- aware of.
    I will love him tenderly and guide him well.

    Primarly, thank you both for whom you are.
    Thank all your staff -and with Olga in the lead,- for backing
    you two in such an exemplary manner…and care/attention.
    I feel priviledged to have been given the opportunity to see
    you all perform. I appreciate you!
    One day, I will speak with Forrest (and Michaela) about you two.
    Unless you plan on retiring in the next 20+ years,…
    Michaela could very well be a patient.

    I wanted these words (in particular) to reach you….
    THANK YOU for taking care of S.
    I was confortable with you Dr. Worth from the first visit on, when you would
    simply hand me paperwork that needed follow-up, this inclusion was healthy
    for this commited father.

    OK,then! Now I know why “they tweet, text away all day long.

    I hope you both enjoy these pictures of yourselves, Forrest and my family.