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Dear Drs. Worth and Mussalli and the entire staff of Village OB,

Seven weeks postpartum, and I can finally write you all a note without tearing up! We are so moved by the kindness, warmth, and above all, total professionalism that I received while in your exceptional care. As you well remember, my pregnancy was long, and labor felt longer, and although I eventually required a c-section instead of the VBAC we had hoped for, I feel tremendously grateful to have been in your hands during the process. I didn’t realize that such a high level of care was even possible, and even during labor, and then surgery, I felt borderline embarrassed by all the attention I was receiving. It was a humbling experience, and even though my birth experience was not exactly textbook, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to labor. Your encouragement and support of that made such a difference for us. Seven weeks later, our (very) full-term baby girl is doing beautifully, and I attribute much of that to the fact that she was able to hang out chez moi until she was ready to join the world. And everyone has marveled at the beautiful job you did with my c-section. I feel very much at peace with how everything transpired. It was an awesome experience. You are very special people and exceptional doctors, and our entire family feels very lucky to have you on our team.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!

A, D


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