A Spiritual C-Section: Finding Peace and Connection
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Truly a “Spiritual Gentle C-Section”

Dear Dr. Worth and Dr. Mussalli,

We can never thank you enough for your sensitivity, kindness, and compassion during this pregnancy and the delivery of our daughter. You made what could have been a traumatic experience something beautiful- truly a “spiritual c-section.” After our first delivery, we’d thought that a surgical birth could be nothing other than artificial and bond breaking. This time was so different. We still feel a deep connection with our daughter, and she is a peaceful little girl. This is the greatest gift we could have been given, and we are deeply grateful to you for helping it to happen.

As a small thank you, we have donated two sets of clean childbirth kits to mothers in developing nations- one set of three kits for each of you.

Thank you so much again. We will always be remembering you in our prayers.

God Bless You,
J.A. and Baby E


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