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Dear Dr. Worth and Dr. Mussalli,

We all just want to thank you both from the bottom of our hearts for the compassion, knowledge, and quality care you provided for our family during this exciting and scary time. The year 2020 was so full of pain and uncertainty, and bringing a new person into this world was a difficult journey to navigate alone.

However, every step of the way, from our first meeting, to Dr. Mussalli’s ultrasound “cartoons,” to Dr. Worth’s reassuring grace and patience during the 36+ hour labor, till the day of birth (and beyond), you were supportive, kind, and empathetic to our unique challenges and worries. We truly don’t believe this experience would have felt the same without you.

Until your practice, we never knew what truly compassionate, 360 medical care could look like (and you’ve absolutely spoiled us). You’ve provided an unforgettable service and gift to our family in ensuring the utmost care for both mom and baby, and we will be forever grateful for all your help.

J, T, and E


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