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Twins 8 Years Ago and a Cerclage Today

Hi Dr. Mussalli and Dr. Worth,

I really hope you and your families have remained healthy during this pandemic.

It’s been now over 8 yrs since you helped me deliver my twins. I wanted to let you know that I am pregnant with a singleton (in Oregon, otherwise I’m sure I’d be seeing you), and when I was 12 weeks pregnant I saw a perinatologist, she took one look at my cervix and said, “I think you need a cerclage ASAP” she said my cervix was quite short on exam.  I did get the cerclage. It’s holding well, I’m almost 29 weeks and it’s so nice to have no activity restrictions. Hoping that this time I can get my cerclage removed prior to going into labor.  So I wanted to bring it full circle and express my gratitude for your care and offering me an option to finish a pregnancy and healthy babies without NICU time, and that I do 100% believe we made the right call 8 yrs ago. And am grateful to avoid miscarriage. I now believe that my need for a cerclage had nothing to do with the twin gestation, and it was because it was twins that I was being monitored more closely and it was caught.

THANK YOU!  Take care!  Here are C and Z…getting ready for their baby brother 🙂


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