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Unmedicated Vaginal Birth – Late Transfer

I just want to say that my wife and I just experienced the most amazing birth and it was all thanks to Dr. Mussalli. My wife wanted a natural birth and we retained a doula, originally we were going to deliver at Cornell with another physician (will not reveal who out of courtesy). Our prior OB was okay with going natural but the other doctors in his practice were not, since we had no idea who would be on call when the baby came we decided to switch OBs.

Our doula suggested Dr. Mussalli and Worth, specifically how they let nature take its course and don’t force Pitocin or Caesarans on anyone just to control the birth process. So in week 37, we switched. My wife went into labor last Sunday morning, March 6th, on her due date. After 15 hours of painful labor, we decided to go to Lenox Hill to have the baby. Our doula assumed that since the contractions were 2 min apart and 2 min in length, she was at least 5 cm dilated. When we got to the hospital, we were SHOCKED to find out that she was only 1 cm dilated! (but 90% effaced).

Now here’s what sets Dr. Mussalli apart from EVERY OTHER OB in NYC: my wife wanted to go home to labor where she was comfortable. At 1cm, we all thought we had hrs to go. The contractions were also starting to space apart. Any other OB would have said to stay at the hospital. Dr. Mussalli allowed us to do what my wife wanted: go home. He then went back to his office to wait (mind you this was now 11 pm on a Sunday and he doesn’t live in the city). If you think you can find another OB in NYC that will let you do that, well then GOOD LUCK. We bathed my wife at home and literally in 2 hrs the contractions got much more severe. We rushed back to the hospital at 12:30 am to find Dr. Mussalli waiting for us. Our baby was born just over one hour later at 1:41 am on March 7th, 7 lbs 5 ounces, and perfectly healthy. No intervention, no C-section, no pain meds. All-natural, just what my wife wanted.

I can’t thank Mussalli and Worth enough, they are a class apart and are what every OB in this country should strive to be.

Regards, N


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