Natural Birth with Village Obstetrics

Comprehensive Support for Vaginal Birth Delivery

If you’re seeking support for a natural childbirth, Village Obstetrics is here to help. Our Our experienced obstetricians have the expertise to guide you through a vaginal birth delivery with or without medication. Our epidural rate for patients is about 60%, but we support our patients through whatever method or level of pain medication is necessary for labor and birth.

Premium Pregnancy Care in a Compassionate Environment

At Village Obstetrics, we provide a premium level of pregnancy care in a compassionate and relaxed environment. Our expert obstetricians are also faculty members at the prestigious Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, with extensive experience in natural birth delivery. We take the time to fully address every question and concern, and work tirelessly to ensure a positive birth experience for you and your baby.

Customized Birth Plans to Meet Your Unique Needs

Our doctors understand that every patient has unique obstetric concerns. That’s why we help you create a customized birth plan that meets your individual needs and preferences. Whether you’re planning for a natural childbirth, or have questions about pain management options, we’re here to provide you with the support and guidance you need to make informed decisions about your birth experience. Trust Village Obstetrics to help you achieve the natural birth you desire, with comprehensive support and expert care every step of the way.

Natural Birth Support at Village Obstetrics - Drs. Worth and Mussalli pictured with a pregnant woman in scrubs

Best Pain Management for Labor is a Complex Question

The answer is personal and different for every woman.

These are some we have heard in support of using less medication with birth:

Determination, Doula & Doctor

Our triple D winning recipe for a natural birth.

Our patients tell us natural birth, or unmedicated vaginal childbirth, can be a huge personal achievement. Like many difficult feats, it isn’t easy and sometimes not possible on the first try. If you want it, give yourself time, and we promise you can do it (baring an unexpected complication with the baby or placenta- that’s the luck factor). If you don’t get there for your first delivery then, you still can for your second.

Vera Krijn, Certified Reflexologist & Nutritionist. 

Birth Goes Better with a Doula

Here is a list of NYC Doulas we love with links to their sites.

Bold Doula

Denise Bolds

Mindful Birth

Mary Esther

The New York Doula

Stephanie Heintzeler

The Childbearing Year

Maiysha Kramer

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Bonu deCaires

Labor of Love

Catherine Stewart-Lindley

Just for You Doula

Tanisha Evans-Marin

Labor of Love

Terry Richmond

manhattan birth


NYC Birth Village Doulas


Birth Focus


The national medical consensus is that
a natural birth is better for mom and baby.

However, if cesarean is needed we are experts at fast and safe surgery.

“Women having their first births are up to 10 times more likely to have a cesarean than women having their second or subsequent child. With current U.S. Obstetric practices, if the first birth results in a cesarean delivery, then over 90 percent of all subsequent births will be cesarean. The opposite holds true:  if the first birth is vaginal, more than 90% of all subsequent births will be vaginal.”

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