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Village Obstetrics

Village Obstetrics

Unmedicated VBAC Success

Hi Dr. Worth & Dr. Mussalli,

A quick note to say thank you again for supporting my decision to VBAC. Under all the circumstances that seemed to make my choice a risky one, you allowed me to follow my heart and what my prayers confirmed was the right path for me. My birth experience was beautiful and the amazing miracle I had expected. To do it without meds and with the support of my Doula, whom you allowed me to bring with me, provided me the truly natural labor my heart, mind, body & soul cried out for.

May I also add the shining smile and pleasant, confident voice of Leanne when having to deal with shaky insurance logistics and hectic scheduling made what had been a traumatic and stressful obstetric experience thus far a much more pleasant and calming one. Thank you, Leanne!

I am so grateful that Doctors and practices such as yours exist that support women and HEAR women in this divinely appointed gift of giving life. It is so rare!

Attached is a picture of our son, the gift you helped bring into the world. Thank you!

Many thanks again!