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Version Birth Experience

We are so blessed to have Dr. Mussalli & Dr. Worth in our lives. They have made an impact on us during the birth of our first daughter. The level of care they gave to us is something that cannot be measured.

We had very much looked forward to doing a non-invasive, home birth at our apartment in New York. However, in week 37, our baby girl was still in a breech position. We met Dr. Mussalli & Dr. Worth through our midwife (Cara Muhlhahn) as we sought to get her to flip through an external version. We were touched by how dedicated both Dr. Mussalli & Dr. Worth were that day as we attempted not once, but twice to get her to turn. They took time out of their day (a Saturday, mind you…), when they had previous obligations, to come back after the first try and give it another go that same afternoon. We felt as though they gave it everything to see us through and supported our desire to give our little girl a chance to turn and have a natural, home birth. Having not worked with them before the external version, they immediately impacted us. They demonstrated their gift as doctors to make us feel very well cared for, both in body and spirit.

Though we could not get her to flip after both attempts (she was comfortable just as she was), we felt comforted to know that we would be in good hands for a c-section. I had been afraid of getting a c-section because it was such major surgery, but Dr. Mussalli took such great care of me. I have since healed well and am feeling great, now just five weeks after her birth. Dr. Mussalli went over and above to make sure my treatment would prepare me for an attempt at vaginal birth in the future, should the opportunity arise.

Dr. Mussalli & Dr. Worth- We are overwhelmed by your generosity & look forward to when we can share this story with our little girl when she grows up. We couldn’t have asked for a better birthing experience with you, and we want to thank you for your heart towards us.You have meant the world to us and have inspired us by being a part of our story. It is hard to put into words how much you have made a difference in our life. You were an answer to so many of our prayers! We will forever have gratitude for what you have given us. Thank you so much!


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