Village Obstetrics

Village Obstetrics

Village Obstetrics Moving to NYC Downtown Hospital

Dear Patients,

As probably many of you have heard our beloved St. Vincent’s Hospital is expected to close likely within the next 30 days. St. Vincent’s has been the best place for us to practice our brand of unhurried obstetrics. Obviously however, we must move to a new hospital location. We have been invited to join at many different hospitals but we have had to consider what best serves you, our patients. Many of you have an interest in a downtown location with uncrowded labor rooms. We too have to ensure that appropriate medical and pediatric services are in place at the hospital we choose.

We have been impressed lately at the rebirth of New York Downtown Hospital (170 William Street NY, NY 10038) in the financial district. It is now an affiliate of New York Presbyterian Medical Center and so has the referral resources of Cornell and Columbia. They also have the most capacity for obstetrics of any of the private hospitals in New York City. We have decided to give this hospital a trial and will begin to transition our work to this site in the next several days. For those who wish to deliver at St. Vincent’s while it remains open we are happy to do so. We are also in discussions with NYU/Bellevue and Presbyterian hospitals as possible sites for our practice.

While we are sure to miss St. Vincent’s, the magic of Village Obstetrics is our relationship with you and our commitment to practice obstetrics in the way it should be. That recipe we can recreate together in a new location. We remain at your faithful service. Please feel free to e-mail us back (info@vobsv.com) with any opinions or preferences you may have as we make a final decision on for our delivery hospital.

George Mussalli, MD
Jaqueline Worth, MD