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Village Obstetrics

Village Obstetrics

Vob Stats, October 2009

VOb by the Numbers, 10/20/08 to 10/31/09 (307 new or growing families)

We believe that our minimally invasive and old fashioned approach to obstetrical care allows the vast majority of our patients an unhurried labor and a vaginal delivery. We have posted our practice statistics below and update them monthly.

Total VOb Deliveries: n=307

Cesarean sections: n=62 (20% overall)
• patients in labor: n=25 (9% excluding scheduled c/s)
• scheduled*: n=37 (12% scheduled c/s as percent of all deliveries)

Vaginal deliveries: n=245 (80% rate overall)
• spontaneous: n=209 (85%)
• forceps: n=35 (14%)
• vacuum: n=1

Other statistics
• twins: 11 patients (vbac x 1, svd x 2, labor c/s x 1, scheduled c/s x 7)
• vbac success**: 18/20 = 90%
• version success: 19/22 = 86%
• cesarean hysterectomy-bleeding with attempted vbac: 1 patient
• routine episiotomies: 0%
• deliveries by Dr. Mussalli or Dr. Worth: 92%

* scheduled cesarean sections for obstructing fibroids, prior uterine surgery, placenta previa, prior sacrum fracture, malpresentation, malpresenting twins, elective repeat, or patient request.
** vbac includes 4 forcep deliveries