A Spiritual C-Section: Finding Peace and Connection
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Walked Central Park to Turn the Baby

Dr. Worth delivered our gorgeous little girl in December 2013. It was a true New York City birth: we labored at home in our 650 sq. foot apartment, where nearly every surface became some kind of labor prop; got stuck behind a garbage truck making its weekly rounds on 12th St on our way to VOb Uptown; then walked the entirety of the Central Park reservoir to turn the baby (2.5 miles!) on the recommendation of Dr. Worth; and finally, we delivered our little one at 10:45 PM in a room overlooking Park Avenue! Our labor wasn’t as straightforward as we had hoped, but Dr. Worth remained calm and even joyful throughout (her response when my husband called her at 6 in the morning to tell her my water had broken: “Congratulations!”). I was reminded that we pick the health practitioners we do because in dark moments, we trust that they are giving us the best possible advice and buoy us up. Despite what was a relatively long labor, our daughter came out pink and glowing and healthy, and that is the best gift anyone can be given, so I owe Dr. Worth a huge debt. You all will always be in our hearts!

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