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Dear Dr. Worth & Dr. Mussalli,

I’m N’s doula. Dr. Worth when I met you at Realbirth last year what stood out to me was when you spoke about delivering babies you held up your hands and said: “I don’t know why I have such a low c-section rate I think its because of my hands.” While that isn’t verbatim it stuck with me. When I met N and she was uncomfortable with her provider those words made me think you would be a great provider for a VBAC. As someone who isn’t trained medically, I was inspired to hear a doctor talk about delivery as an “art.”

N is so lucky to have had you both and I feel so lucky to witness this birth. I was able to reassure her that “it” was taking so long because no one was intervening. As long as she was doing OK and her baby was doing Ok she was on track to have a vaginal birth. After birth, N told me that her birth felt not only like a physical journey but an emotional one. I believe that your care gave her the time for her to discover her potential and have the birth she wanted.

In December I had a student who was having an awful time with her provider I gave her your information. She wrote to me this…”I can’t say enough good about Dr. Worth and the practice, Village Obstetrics. She and her partner Dr. Mussalli, who is the head of OB at St. Vincent’s, provided personalized care throughout the end of my pregnancy. I felt REALLY taken care of and ironically didn’t ever feel the need to pull out my birth plan after our initial discussions (I have a theory that sometimes the birth plan is a defensive move when people don’t feel comfortable with their provider; it was certainly true in my case).” And this: “I think they’re really onto something at Village OB, and I have nothing but great things to say about St. Vincent’s.” I couldn’t agree more. Have a wonderful weekend.


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