Workshop for Couples!

Workshop for Couples!

    Are You a Pregnant Couple Considering Birthing Without a Doula? Need just a few more Secrets for Success before the Big Day arrives?

    Join two of NYC’s seasoned childbirth doulas, in an extraordinary workshop, where you will learn:

    *the keys to working in partnership during labor/birth
    *the 5 tools for getting the birth you want
    *our top 3 comfort techniques
    *expert advice in navigating the hospital system
    *how to walk into labor with ease and curiosity

    We know you believe in each other. And we want to help. Let us prepare and inspire you even further for the adventure that lies ahead.

    Included in the workshop:

    *holistic birth gifts for pregnancy and postpartum
    *written materials for home study
    *two 30 minute phone consultations after the workshop
    *email support as you create your birth preferences
    *discount on future sessions and services

    Workshop dates:
    every week through the end of the year
    Manhattan and Brooklyn locations
    private meetings available

    Please inquiry with Erica, for more info!!!!

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