Brass baby hands sculpture at Village Obstetrics in Manhattan representing the delicate nature of childbirth.
Picture of Village Obstetrics

Village Obstetrics

You Care for the Individual

Dear Village Obstetrics — Dr. Mussalli, Dr. Worth, Leanne and Lourdes,

I came to you looking for a different experience than my first pregnancy and birth and I remain in awe of how you choose to practice obstetrics.

You are more “hands-off” than many midwives, infinitely more caring than most doctors and office staff, and at every visit to your office, even with patients waiting, I was always made to feel like I was the most important person there.

You care for the individual, not just for the business of birth, and made yourselves accessible for every minor query, no matter how small, at all hours.

Through all the changes at St. Vincent’s and the office, I never doubted in your care for me. I believe that the highest accolade I can give you is that I TRUSTED you every step of the way to care for me and give me the birth experience I wanted, which is exactly what I received.

I was so pleased to have both Doctors by baby’s delivery. Your support and encouragement during my labor and through transition and pushing meant so much. As I look at her, I am constantly reminded of my journey with you.

I look forward to doing it all again with VOb by my side.

Sincerely, N & M


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