Village Obstetrics

Village Obstetrics

Baby Zoe

Dear Drs. Worth & Mussalli, Leanne and Lourdes,  

We can’t thank you enough for your care, guidance and support during our pregnancy and Zoe’s delivery. True to your word, the second time was much easier!  

Although we had to be induced again, we had a natural birth– which in large part is thanks to your approach, expertise and style.  We feel incredibly lucky that you delivered both of our children and your hands welcomed them into this world.  

Leanne, Lourdes and the rest of the staff are truly top notch.  I will definitely miss my weekly visits with the whole office. Here are a few recent pictures of Zoe, including her visit to the office.   Thank you once again for doing what you do.  D and I look forward to supporting your efforts to expand your practice and the availability of minimal invasive obstetrics in NYC.  

Much love and admiration, M, D, M& Zoe